Specialty License Plate Vouchers

The State Legislature authorized 41 new specialty license plates during the 2020 Legislative Session which must now meet certain presale thresholds in order to go into production and be seen on Florida roads.

In order to be manufactured, each Florida organization must sell at least 3,000 presale vouchers within 24 months; out-of-state universities must sell at least 4,000 presale vouchers. Once a plate has met its threshold, it will be manufactured and available to Florida drivers at our offices.

Purchasing A Presale Voucher

Follow these steps to purchase a specialty license plate presale voucher.

Purchase your voucher

  • Step 1 - Select A Plate: From the drop-down menu, select a specialty license plate.
    Note: You can add more than one plate to your cart.
    Select a plate
  • Step 2 - Enter Your Information: Enter the purchaser's and, if different, the recipient's current Florida driver's license and tag/plate numbers. We must have the correct information in order to successfully process a request.
    Note: If you're purchasing the voucher for someone else, you will need to enter their driver's license and tag/plate numbers in the recipient fields.
    Enter your information
  • Step 3 - Make A Payment: We only accept credit or debit card payment. Enter the cardholder's contact and payment information. The cost per each specialty license plate voucher is $33.00 plus a $2.00 credit/debit card processing fee.
    After your payment is received, you will receive a payment confirmation email from support@pointandpay.com.
  • Step 4 - Processing Your Request: After your payment is processed, our staff will fulfill your voucher request, which will be added to your driver record. Once that is complete, you will receive a PDF receipt of your voucher from presalevoucher@seminolecounty.tax. Please keep this receipt for your records.

Please Note: Due to high demand, it may take us up to seven business days to process your request.

Purchase your voucher

Getting Your Plate

After your specialty license plate has met its presale threshold, been manufactured, and is sent to tax collector offices for general distribution, you may schedule a tag appointment to visit our office in person to upgrade your tag.

Schedule an appointment

You may also choose to wait until your current tag is up for renewal. Tags can be renewed up to 90 days prior to their expiration date, which is the registrant’s birthday.

Voucher FAQ

If I purchase a voucher from the Seminole County Tax Collector, is it valid in another county?
Yes, vouchers are valid statewide.

Why haven't I received my PDF voucher receipt from presalevoucher@seminolecounty.tax?
Due to high demand, it may take us up to seven business days to process your request. Thank you for your patience.

When can I upgrade my plate?
When the license plate on the presale voucher becomes authorized, customers may upgrade their license plate at the time the license plate becomes available or when the customer’s current registration is renewed. 

Can I use my presale voucher for another license plate?
When the license plate on the presale voucher becomes authorized, the voucher can only be used with the issuance of that specific license plate.

What if my plate doesn't meet its presale threshold?
If a plate fails to meet the presale voucher requirements within the two-year period the plate will not be manufactured.

If the plate fails to meet the minimum presale requirements, the customer may apply the presale voucher towards a different specialty license plate or apply for a refund for the specialty license plate fee only.

Can a specialty license plate be deauthorized?
The State may deauthorize a specialty license plate and discontinue its issuance if the number of valid specialty license plate registrations falls below 3,000 valid registrations or 4,000 valid registrations for out-of-state colleges or universities for at least 12 consecutive months.

If the plate associated with the presale voucher meets the voucher minimum but is subsequently deauthorized before the voucher is used, the voucher cannot be used towards a different specialty plate or be refunded.