Disabled Parking Information

The Florida Legislature has provided that motorists and others with permanent disabilities may apply for a parking permit placard. Temporary permits are available to persons with temporary mobility problems or vision impairment.

  • Both permanent (no fee) and temporary disability ($15.00) parking permits are available at all of our Tax Collector offices. The fee is assessed when issued or renewed.
  • Applications must be made on HSMV 83039 Disabled Person Parking Permit, which requires a physician's statement of permanent or temporary disability and a Florida driver's license or Florida identification card issued by the Driver's License Bureau.
    • Disabled Parking Permit Changes - The 2012 Florida Legislature passed a law that requires recertification for all persons when renewing a disabled parking permit. To renew a placard, the form HSMV 83039 Disabled Person Parking Permit must be completed by a physician within the last 12 months and submitted with your renewal notice. Read more.
  • You may bring the completed application and payment to any of our offices, or you may also mail them to us. Your application will be processed and the placard mailed to you within ten days.
  • The permanent placard is valid for four years and expires on your birth date. If your disability is temporary, you may receive a placard for up to six months.
  • Individuals who have a Disabled Veterans license plate, a wheelchair symbol suffix plate, or a Paralyzed Veterans of America plate are not required to purchase a disabled person's parking permit in order to park in a handicapped parking space.
We encourage you to visit the Florida Information Clearinghouse on Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council for more information concerning the disabled community.