Mobile Homes

Information Packets

Download a package of instructions, all necessary forms, and a checklist of documentation needed.

Mobile homes used for housing accommodations (other than recreational vehicles) are renewed in December each year.)

Numbered decals are issued for each side and the fees are determined by the length of the mobile home.

Non-resident military service personnel stationed under orders in Florida, living in a mobile home located in Florida, may purchase a decal for $8.60 upon presentation of orders.

Permanently Affixed Mobile Homes

All mobile homes or recreational vehicles permanently affixed to the owner’s land and declared as real property are issued special RP (real property) decals.

Owners must secure Form DR-402 from the Property Appraiser’s office (in the county where the property is located) after showing proof of ownership and present it with a $5.10 fee to the Tax Collector’s office.

Decals are permanent and transferable to a new owner when the mobile home and land are sold as a unit. NOTE: The owner's name(s) on the property tax roll must be IDENTICAL to the name(s) on the Mobile Home title.