Military Services

When visiting or mailing the Tax Collector's office to title and register your vehicle:
  • We must see the vehicle to verify its identification number.
  • If the vehicle is not currently in Florida, HSMV 82042 VIN and Odometer Verification must be filled out by either a police officer, Provost Marshall, a commissioned or warrant officer or a Legalman (non-commissioned military personnel with a rank of E-7 or higher) in the state where the vehicle is located.
  • If the vehicle is located in Florida but cannot be driven, a Florida notary, Florida dealer or police officer, or a Florida DHSMV inspector may execute the form.
  • All owners must be present. If this is not possible, the HSMV 82040 MV Application for Certificate of Motor Vehicle Title must be signed by all owners before the title can be transferred. The VIN verification may be completed on this form (see section 8) in lieu of completing Form HSMV 82042 VIN and Odometer Verification.
  • Bring or mail the original title or MSO/MCO and signed odometer disclosure statement. If there is a lien holder, please provide their name, address and phone number.
  • Bill of sale or invoice if the vehicle was purchased less than six months ago. Florida sales tax may be applicable.
  • Florida sales tax exempt number on lease vehicle
  • If you must purchase a new license plate you may be exempt from the $225 Initial Registration fee. For a list of qualifying military exemptions refer to the second page of HSMV 82002 Initial Registration Fee Exemption Affidavit. If you meet one of the criteria please fill out and sign the form. Submit the completed form with your paperwork.
  • Proof of Florida insurance (card, policy or binder) or completed Military Insurance Exemption Affidavit.
Florida residents, or their dependents, on military assignment outside of Florida, are not required to submit proof of Florida insurance coverage. The military member must provide the following:
  • An out-of-state mailing address
  • The military member’s Florida address of residence.
  • Military Insurance Exemption Affidavit stating the motor vehicle is being maintained in the member's state of military assignment and will not be driven in the State of Florida, except in a transient visitor status.
  • A copy of the out-of-state insurance card.
  • Provide a signed picture I.D. (Florida or Out of State Driver’s License)
  • Provide a copy of the military orders.

Our Military Title Transfer Packet explains the above information in detail and provides all the forms that may be needed.