Under Florida Statute 197, the Seminole County Tax Collector has the responsibility for the collection of ad valorem taxes and non‐ad valorem tax assessments. These are levied by the county, municipalities, and various taxing authorities in the county.

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All motor vehicles, mobile homes, and trailers in the state of Florida must be registered and/or titled. The Seminole County Tax Collector serves as an agent for the Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles to assist citizens in the issuance of tag and title registrations.

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The Seminole County Tax Collector’s Office serves only as a County agent to perform most license issuance functions for Seminole county residents only.

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Seminole County hereby levies a local business tax for the privilege of engaging in or managing any business, profession, or occupation within Seminole County and authorizes the issuance of business tax receipts as authorized by Chapter 205, Florida Statutes.

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