Leased Vehicles Title

Information Packets

Download a package of instructions, all necessary forms, and a checklist of documentation needed.

The following documentation must be provided
  1. The original manufacturer's certificate of origin (MCO), properly assigned to the purchaser.
  2. A completed HSMV 82040 MV Application for Certificate of Motor Vehicle Title. Please note that often the following sections of this form are left blank, resulting in an application that can not be processed. Please make sure the following items are complete:
    • Section 1: The vehicle owner’s Florida driver license number. If the vehicle is to be titled in a business name, please include the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEID)
    • The Florida sales tax exemption number of the leasing company
    • The leasing company's:
      • Complete business address
      • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEID) or DMV Customer Number
    • If the vehicle was leased out-of-state, a physical inspection of the vehicle identification number (VIN or serial number) by a law enforcement officer, licensed dealer, Florida notary public, Provost Marshall, DMV, or tax collector employee is to be performed. The Tax Collector's office can perform this inspection free of charge.
  3. A copy of one of the following proof of identification:

    • A Florida driver license or identification card with photo
    • An out-of-state driver license or identification card with photo
    • A US passport
    • A Canadian driver license, identification card, or passport
    • A driver license or identification card from any U.S. Territory
    • An out-of-country passport

    Please note that while a copy of a Florida driver license or identification card IS NOT required to be submitted, it makes the process simpler. Find out more information about obtaining a Florida driver license.

  4. Proof of Florida insurance (a Florida insurance card, policy, or binder)
  5. If you are transferring a valid Florida license plate, a copy of the current Florida registration certificate.