Property Tax FAQs

Have my taxes been paid?

You can verify using our Tax Search feature or contact our "Live" Customer Service Center at 407-665-1000.

Where do I send my tax payment, and to whom do I make the check payable?

Make checks payable to:
Seminole County Tax Collector

Mail payments to:
Seminole County Tax Collector
P.O. Box 630
Sanford, FL 32772-0630

Payment Options?

Payments are accepted by mail or in any one of our locations by cash, check, debit, money order, cashier's check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

How can I verify ownership?

Use our Tax Search option. Our records will reflect the latest tax roll information~ recent changes of ownership will not appear. We suggest visiting the Seminole County Property Appraiser's Website.

I didn't get my bill, what should I do?

First verify the mailing address. Bills are mailed to the address on the tax roll we receive from the Property Appraiser's office. Call our office and we will gladly mail you the duplicate or you can locate your parcel on this site using our Tax Search. Write your property identification number (17-digit number) on your check and submit payment to any one of our offices.

Where can I pay my taxes?

Current and delinquent taxes are accepted at any of our locations as long as a Tax Deed application is not in process. Tax Deed payments must be made in the Delinquent Tax Department in the Sanford Office.

Will I get the discount if the discount period ends on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday?

When a discount period ends on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, the discount period shall be extended to the next working day, if payment is delivered to a designated collection office of the tax collector. For current tax year payments that are mailed, the post mark will determine the discount period.

How can I acquire ownership of property through delinquent taxes?

If you hold a tax certificate that is 2 years old, you can initiate the Tax Deed sale. However, that does not guarantee you get the property. The Tax Deed will be issued by the Clerk of the Court to the highest cash bidder at public auction. If there are no other bids, the property is awarded to the applicant. The opening bid consists of all delinquent taxes, fees & interest paid by the applicant to initiate the sale. The opening bid on property assessed on the latest tax roll as homestead, shall include 1/2 of the latest assessed value of the homestead property in addition to the amount of money required for the opening bid. Tax Deed auctions are advertised in the local newspaper for 4 weeks prior to the sale date. For more information, refer to the Seminole County Clerk of the Court Website.

Can I make a partial payment on my taxes if I’m not on installments?

No.  Taxes must be paid in full by March 31st.  You may sign up for installment payments for the following years taxes by April 30.

How do I find out what exemptions I might qualify for?

The Seminole County Property Appraiser's website has information on the different exemptions and eligibility requirements. In addition, you may contact them at 407-665-7506.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, both online and at all of our locations. A convenience fee will apply for all credit and debit card payments. This is a fee assessed by a third -party secure processor. The Tax Collector's Office does not retain any of this fee.

Do you honor post-marked mail for current tax payments?

Yes, the postmark will be used to determine date of payment for current taxes paid during the discount period.

If I am late paying my taxes, will my name be in the paper?

Yes, parcels on which taxes have not been paid in full will be included on the Delinquent Tax list advertised in the newspaper.

If I've sold property, when will the tax roll reflect this change?

After a properly completed deed changing the ownership of a parcel is recorded with the Seminole County Clerk of the Court, the Property Appraiser's office will change the ownership on the rolls and the Tax Collector's record will then reflect the change after the next update.