Tax Certificate Sale FAQs

For the most up to date information, please visit the Seminole County Internet public auction tax certificate sale at

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How do I register for the Seminole County public auction tax certificate sale?

To participate as a bidder in the Seminole County Internet public auction tax certificate sale, please visit the online registration at

What is the order of the public auction sale?

Tax certificates shall be sold in the parcel number sequence in which they appear on the advertised Seminole County tax roll.

Can the tax certificates be sold in blocks?

No. Tax Certificates shall be sold one by one and not in blocks. That is, a tax certificate representing one parcel of property, as it appears on the tax roll, shall be separately auctioned. Groups or blocks of certificates shall not be auctioned together.

What happens to low tax value Homestead Property and Property in Litigation?

Tax Certificates are automatically struck off to the County pursuant to Subsection 197.432(4) on homestead parcels of less than $250.00 taxable amount, or parcels on the tax roll that are currently in litigation. They will appear on the delinquent tax roll in numerical parcel number sequence within all delinquent parcels, but will not be available for bidder purchase on the tax certificate sale day.

What is the life of a County tax certificate?

Seven (7) years, unless interrupted by a parcel owner filing bankruptcy.