Road Test Guide

Road Test -> Start

Are you a US Citizen?

Road Test -> Citizen - Real ID?

Are you RealID compliant?

If you have a gold star on your license or ID card, you ARE REALID compliant.


Road Test -> Citizen - Real ID.

Do you have a Learner License?

Road Test -> No Real ID - Documents

You will need proof of legal presence: Proof of Citizenship or Legal Presence

Road Test -> License Type

Do you have a learner license or foreign license?

Road Test -> Take the Knowledge Exam

You must take the General Knowledge Exam

General Knowledge Exam:

You must pay $54.25 ($48.00 license fee and $6.25 Tax Collector service fee) to obtain your Learner License plus any exam retake fees.
A $10.00 retesting fee is collected each time a customer retakes a written examination at a driver license or tax collector office.
Follow this link for detailed information.
Exam Information

Road Test -> Take the TSLAE

You must first take the TSLAE -AND- General Knowledge Exam

Road Test -> Schedule Test

Prepare for the test with the Road Test Checklist

Make an appointment to take the road test:

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT at our Casselberry Branch office.

You must have a valid registration and insurance to take the road test.

If you are not RealID compliant, or have a foreign license, you must also bring:
proof of legal presence.