Business Tax Receipts Data Download

To get started, download the data file in the format you need:

  • The new business data file can be used to create labels or update an existing database.
    • Requires some knowledge of database applications such as Excel or Access.
    • The weekly and quarterly new business data files are comma delimited files (.CSV) that can be opened with Excel or Access.
  • The new business listing is a printed list, mostly for clerical use only.
    • Lists that may be printed in report format.
    • All listings and information will be in a .PDF file that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open the file. Please visit to download a free reader if you are having trouble opening these PDF files.
Download CSV Comma Delimited Data File

Will require MS Excel, MS Access, SQL Server or some other database application to view the records. You may also use Notepad to open it as a text file.

Download PDF Listing File

Will require Adobe Reader or some other application that will read PDF files.