Hunting & Fishing Permits

Note: There are several changes to the hunting permits process this year. Current information is available at

Another important fiscal responsibility for the Office of the Tax Collector involves work as an agent for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. In this capacity the Tax Collector is responsible for the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, Florida waterfowl stamps, game management permits, the collection of all monies from these sales, and the maintenance of all records associated with such transactions.

Licenses are made of a durable paper stock that is water resistant. In addition, an electronic record of your license will be kept that makes license renewal and replacement a much easier process.

Licenses may be obtained by:
Some licenses are available only at a Tax Collector's office:
  • All Lifetime Licenses
  • All 5-year Licenses
  • Saltwater Vessel Fishing Licenses
  • Saltwater Pier License
  • Tarpon Tags
  • Senior Citizen License (optional)
  • Disability Licenses (paperwork processing only)
  • Replacement Licenses